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Spa Services

Hot Stone Massage:
Hot stone massages are a wonderful way to relax and treat yourself. Using the stones as an extension of our hands you will be massaged with the stones and have them place on your body to help relax your core. The heat penetrates the body and causes a deep muscle relaxation.

Herbal Eye Pillows :

Upgrade any Massage with an Herbal Eye Pillow!!

Deep Sleep Herbal Eye Pillow is a combination of herbs that aids you in complete relaxation.

Rise & Shine Herbal Eye Pillow helps you brighten any gloomy day!! 

Headache/Migraine Herbal Eye Pillow is a combination of herbs that helps relieve your inflammation and decrease the pain and discomfort of your headache or migraine. 

Allergy Herbal Eye Pillow is a combination of herbs that helps aid in releaving you allergy symptoms. 

Rose Spa Package:

The Rose Spa Package starts with a relaxing body polish exfoliation to remove dead skin and open pores to allow the sun dried rose mud to pernitrate your skin and thoroughly hydrate you. The Rose Spa Package is a multifunctional skin renewing treatment that accelerates epidermal cell renewal, ensures renewed hydration and stimulates the skin's self protecting mechanism against UVA induced oxidative stress. The rose mud we use is the ultimate for refining and extreme hydration, perfectly suited for dry, delicate, weathered or aged skin. Once the mud is applied you will then be wrapped in a cocoon with our thermal blankets while you receive a reflexology and cranial sacral massage. The mud will then be removed with steamy hot towels and the remaining time will be used to massage the rest of your body. 

Seaweed Spa Package:
Our Spa package includes the highest quality, Fermi Mud being brushed on you from head to toe after we exfoliate you with your choice of a sugar scrub, salt scrub or dry brush. All while enjoying Young Living Essential Oils, Lavender Oil and finishing off with hot towels and a wonderful massage of cranial sacral and reflexology. This package will protect and regulate from moisture changes, re-balance and restore hydration and prevent future skin damage. Giving you that smooth look.

Prenatal Spa Day:

The Prenatal Spa Day is our special formulated treatment for our pre and postnatal mothers. Relax on an elevated table to ensure you and baby stay safe while enjoying your spa day. Using our baby and mother safe products you will first receive a body polish exfoliation followed by steamy hot towels. We will then lather you in our gentile rose mud. While the mud helps hydrate you and your skin you will receive a cranial sacral massage. Then removing the clay with steamy hot towels the remainder of your treatment will be a prenatal massage. All while enjoying our relaxation aromatherapy.

Detox Package:
During our Detox Package you will be brushed with Fermi Mud from head to toe to promote decongestion and waste elimination from the skin and body. Wrapped in the mud you will then be relaxed with a cranial sacral and reflexology massage. We then massage the mud off of you with steamy hot towels. You will then receive lymphatic drainage with soft silicone cups and finish off with Young Living Essential Oils, Rosemary Oil  or Lemon Oil to help pull the toxins from your body.  

Cupping Detox Package:

In the Cupping Detox Package, Cupping Therapy will be used with a specific technique to move more toxins & flush your lymphatic system. Paired with our Young Living Detox Oil to amplify the benefits!! This form of Cupping is not at invasive as some others and will sooth and relax you while detoxing your entire body. 

Anti-Aging Full Body Package:
The Anti-Aging Full Body Package targets cellulite and wrinkles. We begin by cupping the cellulite on your body to help break up and reorganize the fatty tissue cells and then apply Young Living Essential Oils, Grapefruit Oil into your skin to help shrink he fatty tissue up on a cellular level. Next you will receive facial cupping to help smooth out those wrinkles and fine lines and then apply Young Living Essential Oils, Frankincense Oil into your skin to help replenish the collagen in your skin. Nourishing and revitalizing your skin.  Making you look and feel younger.

Anti-Aging Wrinkle Package:
The Anti-Aging Face Package targets wrinkles along your face and jaw. We start with cupping in an upward motion to plump your skin, then massage Young Living Essential Oils, Lavender Oil into your skin to help nourish and rejuvenate.

Cellulite Reduction Package:
The Cellulite Package does just that, targets cellulite. We start with using the specific cellulite cupping technique and focusing more on your problem areas to break up and reorganize the fatty tissue. We then massage Young Living Essential Oils, Grapefruit Oil into your skin to help break down the fatty tissue on a cellular level. Giving you that smooth look.

Luxury Rose Wrap:

Relax in lap of luxury with the luxury rose wrap. Our sun dried rose petal clay will be painted on your body. You are then wrapped in a thermal blanket to help the clay with the hydration absorption, ending the treatment with steaming hot towels.

Seaweed Mud Wrap:
You will first be wrapped in Fermi Mud to smooth, stimulate and detoxify your skin and body. Then given reflexology and a cranial sacral massage while relaxing and finish off with steamy hot towels.

Body Polish Exfoliation:

Your neck to ankles will be exfoliated with your choice of a gentle sugar scrub, salt scrub or dry bush then then rubbed down with steamy hot towels. This is a wonderful way to remove dead skin particles that are hard to reach to get that smooth look.

Foot Scrub:
Upgrade your massage!! Your feet will be exfoliated with a sugar based scrub then massaged away with hot towels. The rest of your time will be a relaxing foot massage and reflexology. Leaving your feet smooth and tension free.

Dry Foot Bath coming soon!! 

Hydrating spa package coming soon!!